About Us

Lynn Valley Community Association

The Lynn Valley Community Association has been working for the benefit of the community since it was first established in 1911. The LVCA is a non-political group of over 100 volunteers whose objectives are to:

  • Foster and develop community pride
  • Encourage involvement in neighbourhood and community development
  • Influence decisions in our community

The major accomplishments include:

  • “Valleyfest” during 17 days of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Assisting to coordinate the 2010 Torch Relay and Torch Celebration in Lynn Valley.
  • A significant contribution to planning the town centre project (now complete) and the writing of the Lynn Valley Area Plan in 1997.
  • Instrumental in the renovation of Mollie Nye House and establishing it as a community centre.
  • Significant contribution to save Lynn Canyon which resulted in the withdrawal of a plan to have a road built through the park.

Involvement Opportunities

People can be a member at large however, to get the most benefit; it is recommended that members get involved in one or more of the standing committees which are:

  • Community Events
  • Development & Planning
  • Membership
  • Parks, Trails & Alpine Recreation
  • Youth
  • Traffic
  • Policing
  • Communications
  • Property Taxation

To find out more about any of these opportunities, please contact president@lvca.ca