Don’t Throw Those Wrappers in the Garbage!

Don’t throw those candy wrappers in the garbage!

Ghosts, goblins, witches, and – packaging? Unlike the usual spooky subjects, packaging doesn’t have to be scary because candy wrappers and other flexible plastic packaging can be returned by taking them to a London Drugs near you or Recycle BC .

Collection of other flexible plastic packaging provides a collection solution for many types of common food packaging, keeping them out of garbage bins and landfills during (and after) the Halloween season.

What are some examples of Halloween Packaging that is Other Flexible Plastic Packaging?

Much like the rest of the year, if you have a sweet tooth, you have this type of packaging. Candy and snack wrappers, chip bags, and plastic net bags (holding tasty foil-wrapped chocolates) are common examples during Halloween.

Many Halloween examples can be small, easy-to-lose pieces like candy wrappers, so we recommend the following to keep your material organized:

  • Flatten and fold larger crinkly wrappers and bags (e.g. protein bar wrappers and chip bags) and collect them in a re-usable container
  • Re-purpose larger plastic packages like stand-up and zipper lock pouches to collect smaller pieces like candy wrappers

Please remember all wrappers and bags must be empty of their contents and, if necessary, rinsed to prevent contamination.