Sharing a new resource: Seniors Housing Navigator

On behalf of SFU Renewable Cites. LVCA is sharing with you the Housing Solutions Lab – a project that explored housing opportunities for older adults interested in home sharing, secondary suites or laneway houses. The final products of the lab are all available through Seniors Housing Navigator resource website.  

Introducing the Housing Solutions Lab’s new resource website

Explore the Housing Solutions Lab’s user-friendly website tailored for homeowners, renters, organizations and governments interested in housing options such as home sharing, secondary suites and coach houses.  

This interactive website offers a library of resources and reports outlining the benefits and costs of these housing options, along with road maps for the following audiences:  

  • Homeowners interested in adopting any of the housing options 
  • Renters looking for current home sharing programs 
  • Organizations looking to create a matchmaking program between homeowners and renters 
  • Local government staff and elected officials looking to enable uptake of these options 

The website features a summary video of the Housing Solutions Lab, workshop facilitation plans and reports, and a recording of a webinar with United Way. 

If you are an older adult living on the North Shore and wondering about housing options that will allow you to stay safely in your home and neighbourhood as you age, then check out this resource.