We did it again!

It’s official – we’re a sell out!

We are so excited to tell you that we’ve done it again and SOLD OUT of our available trees for this year!

And we couldn’t have done it without your sponsorship. With everything still in a cautionary holding pattern right now including our Lighting Ceremony, (maybe next year!) we weren’t sure what to expect but all of you rose to the occasion and we will have an amazing display that’s going to spread some Christmas Magic and hopefully bring a smile in a otherwise challenging time.

We have a record number of “You + One” Sponsors – companies/people who have purchased an additional tree to be gifted to a school or not-for-profit organization.

We also have a small but dedicated group of volunteers that would love for you to join them because you know . . . “many hands make light work”.

Once again we’ve expanded our display and we’ll be ‘planting’ trees in Lynn Valley Village and the Lynn Valley Centre Plaza out front of Starbucks. This year there will be a ‘People’s Choice” so you can vote for your fave tree.

Watch our facebook page as we recognize our volunteers’ and sponsors’ efforts in the coming weeks. Remember to LIKE our page while you’re there. *smile*


From all of us at Lynn Valley Community Association, our thanks!